RVM X200 is part of a new generation of reverse vending machines, designed to identify and compact PET plastic bottles and metal cans. It’s a compact stand-alone machine, designed for small to medium stores and supermarkets. It’s reliable and fast.

  • Small foot print with large storage capacity
  • Carbon footprint reduced when compacted material gives efficient transport
  • Easy to use, easy to maintain
  • Standard electricity socket (230/110V one phase)
  • Deposit Return Scheme ready
  • 10,1 or 21,5 inch touch screen


  • Speedy, precise and efficient with 360 degrees barcode reading, metal detection, shape and weight recognition
  • Up to 60 containers per minute


  • 2 Euro pallet size, 1 for cans and 1 for PET


  • Easy to brand due to flat sides and front


Loyalty card reader

5G wifi router

reVend, API connectivity

ReMotion, to customise touchscreen branding

Machine locks

Different options for collection bins for compacted material

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